07/31/2022 | “Discrimination” | Exodus 9:1-7

God discriminates! He chooses, predestines, distinguishes his own from the world by their faith in Jesus. They receive mercy and grace, not justice and fairness. They get what they do not deserve and not what they do.  This discrimination brings freedom.   Listen as we examine Exodus 9:1-7 and consider the God who mercifully discriminates.

07/24/2022 | “God For Us” | Exodus 8:20-32

Does God care about you?  Whether you live or die? If you are saved or damned?  Or is grace just a by-product of a quest for glory?  The glorious truth is that God does care about you.  Join us as we examine Exodus 8:20-32 and see that God is not only with us, but He is for us.

07/17/2022 | “The Finger of God” | Exodus 8:16-19

Without warning, the third plague brought gnat swarms. Magicians mimicked other plagues, but now secret arts did not conjure gnats from dust. They cry “this is the finger of God.” Accept it or not, God’s finger points at us. But this is not the last word.

Listen as we examine Exodus 8:16-19 and consider hard truths about God’s judgement and the happy truth that in even in wrath God has remembered mercy through the gospel.

07/10/2022 | “Form of Godliness” | Exodus 8:1-15

Are you “spiritual, not religious?” Or do you have plenty of religion, but no living faith? Pharaoh’s heart was hard. And as the plagues progress, Pharaoh acknowledges the Lord, the power of prayer, and Moses’ authority.  But his heart is unchanged. He became religious, but not spiritual. Listen as we examine Exodus 8:1-15 and consider Pharaoh “religious but not spiritual” response to the plague of frogs.

07/03/2022 | “Cardiopathy” | Exodus 7:14-25

If internal organs harden we are concerned! But are we concerned about spiritual heart-hardness? The plagues of Egypt judged its gods and people.  They were triggered by Pharaoh’s hardened heart.  Hardened hearts are deadly.  But there is a cure.  Listen as we examine Exodus 7:14-25 and consider the consequences and cure of a hard heart.

06/26/2022 | “Lesson Learned” | Exodus 6:28-7:13

Faith grows when we put our weight upon faith’s object and it holds.  Temporal things: skill, personality, talents, or circumstances will not hold up.  God alone holds all things together, carries us, our sorrows and our afflictions.  He alone will not give way. But have we learned this lesson? Listen as we examine Exodus 6:28-7:13 and consider some of the lessons learned by Moses about God’s promises and power – lessons we need to learn.

06/19/2022 | “Faith of Our Fathers” | Exodus 6:14-30

As Moses prepares to confront Pharaoh and initiate the most awesome display of spiritual power the ancient world had seen in the plagues, the Holy Spirit presses the pause button. He gives us a genealogy and reminds us of the importance of being faithful men and women, boys and girls, following Christ and leaving a legacy of following Christ.   Listen as we examine Exodus 6:14-30 and consider the formative power of the ‘Faith of Our Fathers.’

05/29/2022 | “Fear Not!” | Luke 21:5-19

“Fear Not!” is common in scripture.   But how can we possibly obey it?  After all fear is a response to circumstances we cannot control.   Our finitude creates anxiety.   We are not in control.  We never were.   But what God commands, He provides.   The remedy for fear is faith in the one who is in control.   Luke 21:5-19 appears fear-filled.  But closer examination reveals assurance and victory.   Listen as we consider how God equips us to advance the gospel through this tremendous assurance.

05/22/2022 | “Raising a Stink” | Exodus 5:1-23

God’s Word to Pharaoh raised a stink.  His heart was hardened by it.  He not only refused Moses’ demands, but made the peoples’ lives more bitter.   The Good News always raises a stink.  But Moses raised a stink as well.   Pharaoh’s is not the only unbelief.   When the gospel did not act how and when Moses thought it should, he raised a stink with God.  

How do you handle disappointment when God does not act as you expect? When His promises seem out of reach?  When following Christ makes life worse, not better.  Listen as we examine Exodus 5:1-23 and consider how we respond to disappointment.

05/15/2022 | “Ordinary” | Exodus 4;27-31

Life is lived in the ordinary.  Waiting on the extraordinary can cause us to miss life’s greatest blessings. God does not despise the day of small things. Neither should we. He uses ordinary means to save and grow us.  Join us Sunday as we examine Exodus 4:27-31 and consider how God uses ordinary means of grace to save sinners and grow His Church.