05/21/2023 | “Slaving Away” | Exodus 21:1-11

Far from a theological embarrassment, God places instruction about the care of slaves first in his application of the 10 commandments.  This is not an editorial blunder but a call for Christians to live out their faith in gracious ‘life together.’  This week we examine Exodus 21:1-11 and consider what the Bible teaches about slavery and what this has to do with us. 

05/14/2023 | “The Invitation” | Exodus 20:22-26

Invitations can create anxiety. The Bible invites us to come to God. But our sin makes us hesitate. So, God, himself, provided a safe approach through Jesus. How will you RSVP to God’s invitation? Ignore it? Decline it? Dread it? Or joyfully accept it? Join us as we examine Exodus 20:22-26 and consider God’s invitation to draw near.

05/07/2023 | “Storm Shelter” | Exodus 20:18-21

Where will you shelter from God’s justice? Under works? Family? Ritual? Who shields you from God’s judgement? The Bible names only one mediator between God & men, the man, Christ Jesus. All who come to him are never shut out. Do you have a storm shelter?

Join us as we examine Exodus 20:18-21 and consider how the Ten Commandments lead us to understand our need for Christ.

04/30/2023 | “Ground Zero” | Exodus 20:17

Covetousness, discontented desire, is ‘ground zero’ for all sin. It detonates evil in our hearts that poisons intentions, words, actions, relationships, and vocations. The 10th commandment warns us about it.  But how carefully have we guarded our hearts? Join us as we examine the 10th Commandment and consider the warning against covetousness.

04/23/2023 | “Honesty” | Exodus 20:16

The whole truth and nothing but the truth! Is this what the 9th Commandment requires? How much truth? And who may hear it? May we ever conceal it? Does the Bible ever allow or condone explicit lying? And what does the Bible require about truth-telling? Join us as we examine the 9th Commandment in Exodus 20:16 and consider what the Scripture says about truth-telling. 

04/16/2023 | “Prosperity” | Exodus 20:15

The 8th Commandment is simple. Never steal! We get it. But what if it means more than shoplifting, embezzlement, or failing to return a neighbor’s borrowed tools? Join us as we consider what the 8th command teaches about economics, faith, & true riches.

03/26/2023 | “Chastity” | Exodus 20:14

Chastity is not just about sex, but holiness. Do you strive for holiness? Guard your eyes, thoughts, and words? The 7th Commandment is about more than adultery. It warns against every thought, word, or deed which, if unchecked, leads to unfaithfulness.  Join us as we examine the 7th Commandment in Exodus 20:14 and consider the importance of chastity.

03/19/2023 | “Looks that Kill” | Exodus 20:13

Are you a murderer? Is there blood on your hands? Hatred in your heart? Have you had thoughts, words, or looks that could kill? The Sixth Commandment is the shortest of the Ten, only two words in Hebrew, but its implications are deep and wide.   Join us as we examine Exodus 20:13 and consider its implications of the Sixth Commandment for our thoughts, words, and deeds.

03/12/2023 | “Showing Honor” | Exodus 20:1-21

The 5th commandment calls us to honor our parents.  But what does ‘honor’ include?  How do we do it?  Who deserves it?  How far does it go?  What difference does it make?  These are all questions we ask.  Questions the commandment addresses.   Join us as we examine Exodus 20:12 and consider all that it means to ‘Honor your father and your mother.’ 

03/05/2023 | “A Day Like No Other” | Exodus 20:8-11

Is the Lord’s Day a feast day? A Market Day for your Soul? A day unlike any other? Or is it just another day? Is it distinguished by the pursuit of the things that will last forever?  Or only more of what will quickly fade away?  Join us as we examine Exodus 20:8-11 and consider the Lord’s Day – a day like no other.