01/22/2023 | “Getting Ready” | Exodus 19:1-25

In Exodus 19, the Lord prepares Israel for married life with him. The ‘storm theophany’ at Sinai is no mere magical moment in their relationship.  But meant to prepare them for wedded life with Him as his “treasured possession,” not just for the wedding.

Join us as we examine Exodus 19 and consider how God prepares his people, Israel, and us to live as redeemed people.

10/02/2022 | “Moving Day” | Exodus 13:17-22

Few things are more difficult than Moving Day. In Exodus 13, Israel is on the move. To prepare them to travel God gives three things – a plan, a promise, and his presence.  All to make it easier for them to follow. Things we also need as we follow Christ.  Join us as we examine the departure of Israel from Egypt in Exodus 13:17-22.  And as we consider some critical truths about following God when he brings us to our own Moving Day. 

09/25/2022 | “Keeping the Feast” | Exodus 12:43-13:16

At the climax of the exodus, we see more instruction than action. God instructs Israel to keep Passover with diligence and sincerity. We too are instructed to keep the feast. To celebrate Christ our Passover at the Lord’s Table. Are you keeping the feast? Coming in faith? Carefully prepared?  Join us as we examine Exodus 12:43-13:16 to consider God’s instructions to his ancient people and to us to keep the feast.

09/18/2022 | “Fallout” | Exodus 12:29-42

‘Fallout’ is an idiom for the downstream consequences of a catastrophe.    The plagues of Egypt were catastrophic.  And in their fallout, God kept all his promises.  Complete judgement for unbelievers and deliverance for believers.  Which are you?

Join us as we examine Exodus 12:29-42 and consider the catastrophe of God’s righteous judgement and the fallout that brings death to unbelievers and life to believers.

09/11/2022 | “Memory Palace” | Exodus 12:1-28

Rituals and ‘means of grace’ are vital to faith and life.  They activate and improve our spiritual memory.  Help us keep perspective.  This is why the statement “I’m spiritual, but not religious” is untenable.  Spirituality without ‘religion’ will always become cognitively impaired forgetting that I am not god and my opinion not ultimate truth.   God graciously gives us means of remembrance.  Before the final plague, God prepared the people, giving them rituals for remembrance.  Join us as we consider the Passover in Exodus 12 and the importance of remembrance.

09/04/2022 | “The Last Word” | Exodus 11:1-10

Pharaoh was a know-it-all. He tried to have the last word, but God silenced him with a plague of death. Pharaoh’s son would die. And even Osiris could not stop it.  God had the last word of judgement.  But it could have been a word of grace.

What about you?  When the Lord speaks the best, last word, the word of grace, will you let that be the last word?  Join us as we examine God’s last word to Pharaoh in Exodus 11 and consider the importance of giving God the last word.

08/28/2022 | “Deepest Darkness” | Exodus 10:21-29

We’re all afraid of the dark, but the plague of darkness was terrifying beyond imagination. It immobilized Egypt. And brought Pharaoh to the edge of obedience. But only to the edge. Even now, Pharaoh’s heart was hard. What about you? Is your heart hard?

How much judgment must God bring to your life before you will turn to Him?   How long will you love darkness?  And refuse to come to the ‘light of the world?’  Join us as we examine Exodus 10:21-29 to consider the plague of darkness and its warnings for us.

08/21/2022 | “Subtlety” | Exodus 10:1-20

Men are not subtle, except in excusing sin. We justify, shift blame, shoot the messenger and reject calls to repent. Pharaoh’s sin ruined his life, but he would not let go.   While locusts eat up Egypt, he subtly clings to his sin. Don’t be like Pharaoh!

Join us as we examine Exodus 10:1-20 as we consider the plague of locusts and see how Pharaoh’s response warns us of the grave dangers of subtly clinging to our sin.

08/14/2022 | “Doing Penance” | Exodus 9:13-35

In Exodus 9, Pharaoh says what he never said – “I have sinned, I am in the wrong.” Is Pharaoh’s heart softening?  Is he repentant? His words say ‘yes,’ but what does his life say? Repentance is more than saying ‘sorry.’ Join us as we examine Exodus 9 to consider what repentance is and is not.

08/07/2022 | “Sickness Unto Death” | Exodus 9:8-12

Sin is a plague, a pandemic of biblical proportions. There is no prophylaxis, no vaccine, no PPE, no social distancing for it.   But there is a cure! Join us as we examine Exodus 9:8-12 and consider the sixth plague and the much worse plague that it pictures, a sickness unto death, and hear of a cure that is 100% effective.