A Brief History

The roots of our church and its people reach deep into the soil of history; into the Carolina backcountry of western colonial America, through the Scotch-Irish plantations in Northern Ireland, and deep into the lowlands of Scotland.   The founders of this congregation were bound tightly together in a covenant community based on shared commitment to the Scripture, a common Reformed confession of faith, and fierce love of freedom and opportunity.

The Pisgah Church was organized by the Rev. John Patrick in Potts Schoolhouse on January 29, 1853.   The 26 charter members had come in covered wagons from the Pisgah and Bethany Churches near Kings Mountain on the border between present day North and South Carolina.  Pisgah Church was the first ARP Church in Arkansas and was instrumental in planting other churches in Russellville,Havana, andLittle Rock.   The Arkansas Presbytery was organized here at the Pisgah Church on May 3, 1861.

In 1877 some of the members of the Pisgah Church moved toward the Arkansas River and started the Bethany ARP Church and in 1884 the remaining members of Pisgah moved to a new location at Potts Station.   After this, regular services were discontinued at Pisgah.   Today, the Pottsville ARP Church in downtown Pottsville maintains a faithful witness to the values and beliefs of those early settlers.