Pensive, Doubting, Fearful Heart

This Lord’s Day we will be singing this new hymn from Red Mountain Music as we gather for worship. This old text from John Newton has been set to a new tune. Take time to listen to Pensive, Doubting, Fearful Heart as we prepare to sing it together on the Lord’s Day.

Pensive, Doubting, Fearful Heart
Words: John Newton, Music: Wendell Kimbrough, © 2005 Red Mountain Music, CCL# 11359088

Pensive, doubting, fearful heart, hear what Christ the Savior says;
Every word should joy impart, change thy mourning into praise.
Yes, He speaks and speaks to thee, may He help thee to believe;
Then thou presently will see, thou has little cause to grieve.

Fear thou not, nor be ashamed; all thy sorrows soon shall end,
I, who heaven and earth have framed, am thy Husband and thy Friend;
I the High and Holy One, Israel’s God, by all adored,
As thy Savior will be known, thy Redeemer and thy Lord.

For a moment I withdrew, and thy heart was filled with pain;
But my mercies I’ll renew; thou shall soon rejoice again;
Though I seem to hide my face, very soon my wrath shall cease;
‘Tis but for a moment’s space, ending in eternal peace.

Though afflicted, tempest tossed, comfortless awhile thou art,
Do not think thou can be lost, thou art graven on my heart;
All thy wastes I will repair; thou shalt be rebuilt anew;
And in thee it shall appear what the God of love can do.