Thanks for checking out the internet home of the Pottsville Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Our name is big, but our church is just the right size.

Pottsville has doubled in population in the past decade, so there is a good chance that you are new here.   We have been in Pottsville for over 150 years.  We welcome you and are glad you are here.  As you may drive past us every day on your way to work or school, we wanted to let you know who we are.

The roots of our church reach deep into the soil of history; into the Carolina backcountry of colonial America and into the lowlands of Scotland.   The founders of our church migrated to Arkansas in the 1850s from North Carolina, bound tightly together by shared commitment to the Scripture, a common Reformed confession of faith, and fierce love of freedom and opportunity.  Today, the Pottsville ARP Church in downtown Pottsville maintains a faithful witness to the values and beliefs of those early settlers.  Yet we are looking forward, growing together as followers of Christ and reaching those who do not know Him.

We are a church that takes seriously the call to live as authentic Christians, but don’t believe it just because you read it on the Internet. Come and see for yourself what God is doing in Pottsville and the River Valley.

We invite you and your family to join us this Lord’s Day.  We meet on the square in Pottsville, right next to historic Potts’ Inn at 10:30 am for in-person worship.  Get directions here or contact us for more info.  Or join us on Facebook Live @PottsvilleARP or YouTube.